Fundraising for MMM

Men’s Minds Matter Fundraising

Suicide Prevention Intervention Specialists

What’s MMM’s Purpose?

We have been raising awareness of suicide and male suicide for over a decade. More recently we shifted our focus on to developing and delivering specialist psychological suicide interventions to more people. We aim to do this digitally via our website and social media; though print media; to communities via our workshops and individually through face to face interventions.

What is the benefit to the community

​We unashamadely focus on men, suicide and male suicide. Men are largely forgotten about when it comes to receiving care and support and there is a growing need to support guys with the difficulties they face. We do this by being sensitive to the male gender and all its variations. Even though we focus on men our interventions are relevant to all people regardless of gender.

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All monies raised go towards producing more interventions to help reduce suicide.

What are the outcomes of our work?

Increase awareness of men’s mental health and male suicide……done!
Male gender a recognised risk factor in the national suicide prevention strategy…..done!
Effective psychological interventions for men at risk of suicide?……we’re o

Our initial focus as an organisation was to raise awareness of male suicide which we did successfully alongside other organisations and individuals. We also successfully campaigned to have the male gender recognised as a risk factor for suicide in the National Suicide Prevention Policy.

More recently we decided to focus on our strengths, developing psychological interventions for people at risk of suicide. We do this by bringing together clinical experience, psychological science and lived experience. 

Our psychological intervention and the underlying science now underpins everything we do at Men’s Minds Matter. Our   intervention also informs the psychological work crisis resolution teams in South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and across the country.

How do we use the funds we raise?

We want to make our intervention more freely available to more people.

We are run by volunteers but are aware of our limitations and the need to bring in specific expertise as and when required.

Allows us to access specialist skills by the hour

With the support of our recent fundraisers we were quick to produce guides in print on ‘how to help a suicidal friend’ and ‘how to manage suicidal thoughts’. The content was there we just needed a graphic designer. 

£50 – £100
Pays design costs for a self help guide booklet

Our website is being redesigned in house by Nigel. It’s being structured in a way the focuses on intervention. We are in the early stages but will be producing more and more content to support people who are suicidal. 

£100 – £500
Covers costs for video production and editing

Our ambition is to have a suicide prevention app based on our psychological intervention for people at risk of suicide. It’s our most ambitious project and could cost between £25000 – £150000. However, it’s the one we feel could make the biggest impact. 

Would cover costs for the initial design and feasibility review in which accurate costing can be made.

In addition to this we are developing workshop for local communities to skill people up in supporting people in crisis.  The workshop are being developed by our trainee clinical psychologists who are providing one day a week at no cost to our services. This has been possible due to our close working relationship with Canterbury Christ Church University and the Salomons training programme. 

We will also be looking to set up face to face therapy for men in crisis who do not have identifiable mental illnesses. This is a group whose needs are missed and are particularly high risk. We are a little way from being able to offer this but hope to have something sustainable for next year.

£100 /
Covers supervision costs
Covers room hire costs for a session
Covers administration costs