Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising for MMM

Fundraising Ideas

How we use the money we raise

We believe the knowledge and skills to navigate crises belong in the hands of people who need it most, when they need it. Our focus is on bringing our psychological approach to suicide prevention, currently used in NHS crisis resolution home treatment teams, to the 70% of suicidal people that do not make it to specialist help in time.

The projects below are some of the activities that fulfil this ambition. All fundraising goes towards progressing these projects further, faster.

Bring a skill to life – fund a video tutorial.

In crisis, consuming large amounts of information, especially written words, can be difficult. Videos are an effective way of being there with someone to talk them through a practice. Whether it is skills to calm emotions and activate your safety system, mindfulness in crisis, grounding to the present moment, or information about what happens psychologically in crisis, we aim to develop a suite of tutorials for people to turn to again and again when they need help most. This will cover the cost of the specialist skills needed to develop a video tutorial, including the time of a clinical  psychologist and video production team.

Help art meet science – coping card project

A functional, set of cards to help people navigate tough times. We are looking to translate our specialist psychological approach to suicide prevention  into a set of coping cards that people can use independently or with others, to work through times of crisis.  This money will go towards creating beautiful original illustrations that bring concepts to life, development of written material, and consultation with psychologists and experts by lived experience in multiple focus groups, among other components. These cards will be made freely available for download  as a resource for when things get tough – to be kept in a pocket, in a rucksack, on the fridge, or next to the bed. They will also be available for purchase  in a neat and tidy format. The cards will include simple and effective ways to understand what happens psychologically in crisis, tips and techniques to cope in the moment and build resilience over time, and a customisable safety plan.

Create a ripple effect – fund a suicide prevention workshop. 

A half-day workshop welcoming anyone who is interested to learn about suicide prevention, to come together and develop psychological skills to help themselves and others navigate crises. The cost will cover the development of one workshop, the time of psychologists and experts with lived experience to run the course, and free places for up to 30 people in a community or online. The workshops will bring people together to share experiences, learn about crises, and develop skills to help recognise the warning signs, reach out to  and support people struggling. Each workshop up skills 30 people who will be  more empowered to help others, creating a ripple effect of suicide prevention. 

The big ticket item – Fund a digital application

Developing a digital application that combines all our resources is the ultimate aim. We are determined to go further than anything currently available to build a free, comprehensive, and intuitive tool for people to access when they most need it. The app will house all of our resources, including articles, video tutorials, and much more. Whether people are looking to build psychological resilience and develop skills to help prevent crises, or whether someone feels overwhelmed and scared right now, we want to create a way for people to access the things that will help at a time when they need it.