Men’s Mental Health


Our brains are all structured the same. When considering the psychology of human experience we can apply the same science to all humans. However, how are brains operate and express themselves is influenced by many internal and external that allow people to

Gender is one factor which impacts of how we think, feel and behave under certain circumstances. Our gendered identities are influenced by hormonal differences, evolutionary pathways, childhood development and expectations from society which create unique gendered experiences for men, women and trans-sexual’s.

Men’s Minds Matter is interested in the diversity of human experience and more specifically the psychological experiences of men and boys. At MMM we’re passionate about tackling the high rates of suicide by developing our scientific understanding of the male experience.

Rather than sweeping generalisations we provide accurate information on the psychology of men and the intention to reduce distress in all people.

Rather than avoiding the difficult questions we believe in facing them head on.